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party party party [Jun. 25th, 2009|12:04 pm]
[Current Mood |nervousnervous]

21st birthday party this saturday and there are so many last-minute things to finish up urgh!
trying to finish my photo montage thing which is taking ten years because there are so many photos and all. and some of the photos are quite blur when you see it full-screen but im super lazy to do anything about it.
just finished my event sign thingy and it looks good so im quite happy about that haha.
party games are the most annoying part of it all haha. i only have like 4 games la! if anyone knows of any good party games, please tell me.
oh and i don't even have an outfit that really fits my theme haha which sounds super dumb since im the one who picked the theme and im the birthday girl. oh well.
and i need to sms everyone who has not double confirmed with me about their attendance if they're coming.
party planning is so tiring haha. i just hope the party turns out well.
just realized its going to be mostly SA people cause i have the dancers, my class clique plus my classmates and then my family, church friends and citibankers haha.

been super tired these few days hanging out with friends and bringing uncle kai kok, cassie and zai around.
off to go meet liz for lunch now! i haven't seen her in 3 years!
k 2 days till my party and 5 days till my actual 21st!
yes i feel old haha
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WISHES [Jun. 20th, 2009|12:28 pm]
[Current Mood |sadsad]

disney magic is so addictive.
what did one summer of disney do to me?
i miss it so much!
i miss going to the parks, the fireworks, knowing the parks so well i didn't need maps AT ALL, the friends, the memories, playing so much i wonder how i got the strength to even move with so little sleep each night, florida, everything associated with florida or disney.
its like a disease haha.
the words florida and disney always catch my attention.

i dreamt i was in disneyland last night and at 8.30pm, everyone wanted to go home. no one wanted to stay for wishes (the fireworks) :(
i was super sad but decided to stay by myself anyway because i could not miss wishes!
i walked around while waiting for 9pm to come and i woke up before wishes even started haha.
i woke up and immediately got on my computer so i could watch the videos i have of wishes haha. i have a lot of them and now im watching the fireworks video from the pirates and princess party and then i think im gonna watch the one from 4th of july. told you its a disease.
sigh i wish i could go back there.

i remember vividly on that last night we were watching wishes in the park, we all wished that we could someday be back there together watching wishes as the same group of friends.
hopefully it will come true one day. maybe in ten years, i don't know.

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wishes for the birthday girl [Jun. 13th, 2009|07:02 pm]
[Current Mood |nauseatednauseated]

so many memories have flooded my mind lately as i look through tons and tons of photos to pick out pictures to use for my birthday photo montage.
its so crazy how time flies.
and meeting up with my friends lately, its such a wonderful feeling chatting about the past as well as our plans and thoughts for the future.
i don't feel ready to be 21 haha.

on a happier note, what do i want for my birthday! i've been thinking about things i want and i came up with a little list:
1. fujifilm instant camera (since its getting so hard and expensive tp find film for my polaroid camera)
2. papillio madrid birkenstock sandals (i've always wanted a pair and never got down to actually choosing a pattern and buying one haha)
3. cute elastic headbands (i love wearing headbands and the elastic ones are awesome cause they're soft and so they don't hurt the back of your ears even if you wear it for a long time)
4. new pairs of heels! i've been addicted to heels lately!
5. a trip to disneyland - doesn't matter which one, even if its hk, i'll go haha!
6. a beach holiday to relax with friends

thats about it for now haha.
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2009|12:12 pm]
omg haven't blogged in the longest time ever.
just got back from korea on tuesday morning.
korea was good. pictures, food, sightseeing, shopping and all that jazz haha.
a holiday is always good!
i want to go to hong kong but the H1N1 virus seems to be getting worse so the dancers probably won't get to go in july!

going down to the preview lounge tonight to settle details for my party. food, venue set-up and all that.
settled my lovely cake already, hopefully she'll be able to do it to my liking haha.
i have no idea what games to play! plus i really hate having to juggle different groups of friends plus family.

life has been aimless and im really not a fan of it haha. i even miss studying hahaha.
grades for last semester were good so im happy.

was my daddy's birthday yesterday and we had a small celebration at peach garden with a nice dinner and his favorite cake!
happy birthday daddy!

k i have to go settle stuff for canada.

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perfect, regret [May. 14th, 2009|02:07 pm]
[Current Mood |listlesslistless]

i just realized that i haven't felt regret like this in a long time.
and for the first time in forever, i regret coming home so early.
its so weird.
i try to plan my life so perfectly sometimes that i've forgotten how it feels to regret something so bad and now its really hitting me.

i have no idea why i even wanted to come back so fast.
if i stayed on for spring and came home summer it would have been totally fine too.
in fact, it probably would have been perfect.

i miss my disney friends.
hanging out with them with just dole floats and a movie or having dinner at olive garden yet again and disturbing fifs and her making us embarrassed by introducing all her hot olive garden co-workers to us haha.
i miss melissa.
random trips to get boba or just gossiping in the room.
i miss being able to take random drives anywhere, whenever i feel like it. i miss my car.
i even miss provo and all of its snow haha.

what did i have planned for the summer?
i don't remember anymore.
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*bow* [May. 3rd, 2009|05:57 am]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

im in tokyo!
the weather is so hot but thank god for air-con haha.
im sitting in my yukata on my bed, ready for bed haha.

off to see some cherry blossoms tmr yay!
swine flu just hit hk and korea, suck. why! i want to travel

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summer summer summer summer [Apr. 22nd, 2009|11:22 pm]
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]

last final and then SUMMER BREAK!
no idea how i survived the last few days or last few finals but i did.
so not excited for my gold latin final! i think i got all the mastoid process and dynamic balance stuff in my head for the written part. i just need to go practice samba, rumba, paso and cha cha one more time so i don't screw up during the practical exam. so annoying cause he makes us dance all 4 dances and its just one grade! why can't he just pick one dance!
anyway, SUMMER BREAK officially starts after 2pm! WHOO!

don't really have much to do today except pack and clean the apt haha.
actually, since the weather is so nice, i think im going to take a drive in my car with the windows down and music blasting!
oh yes and i have to find somewhere to wash my car lest my family thinks my car is in actual form, not white haha!

my family is coming TOMORROW AFTERNOON!
im way excited to see them :)
the next few weeks or actually, the next few months are going to be quality time with my family :)

Provo --> Los Angeles --> Japan --> Singapore --> Hong Kong --> Singapore --> Seoul --> Singapore
and i haven't finished planning my trips yet haha. am super excited!



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its all about the fashion! [Apr. 14th, 2009|02:05 pm]
[Tags|, ]
[Current Mood |sicksick]

check out the latest fashion trends this spring:

consumers seek a classy look in modest clothing:

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생일 파티! [Apr. 12th, 2009|05:54 am]
[Current Mood |crappycrappy]

2 more days of school and the semester's done. wow.
i am feeling sick to the core - runny nose, sore throat, coughing, fever, etc. oh gosh.
i have no desire to write this law paper that is due on the last day of classes.

and so, i have been online trying to plan my 21st birthday party. what a productive use of my time huh.
i kind of know where i want to have my party but i have to figure out costs and catering and all that.
i drew up a guest list and im trying to figure out a date for my party. i wanted to have it on the 27th initially cause its the saturday before my actual birthday and normally saturdays are more convenient. but, its cheaper to have it on a weekday and so maybe i'll do it on my actual birthday which is a tuesday or i can just do it on a thursday night cause thats kinda closer to the weekends haha.
im trying to find a photographer to take pictures at my party and seriously, singapore has a big lack of professional photographers. there are tons to choose from in utah but in singapore, everyone does wedding photography urgh.
and then lastly, for my birthday cake, im trying to get a custom-made one so i've been emailing people to get quotes and what not. we'll see.

why do 21st birthdays have to be such a big deal. but then again, im the type who likes to make it a big deal haha.
i was just reading angela's blog and i felt kinda bad for her. girls who marry young. she was talking about how she's going to spend her 21st birthday with stuart in vegas. it suddenly struck me how much of life you seem to miss when you marry young. 21st birthdays are supposed to be your big breaking out into society and you have a crazy wild time celebrating it. but if you're married before then, you miss out on that experience and its kinda sad. i don't really know how to explain it but its just sad. can't imagine what its like for girls that marry when they're 18 or 19. you don't remember having fun birthday parties with your girls, you only remember romantic surprises from your husband, which is nice, don't get me wrong. it's just that i feel like you give up your youth too early.

k enough said, back to my law assignment!



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easter bunny hooray [Apr. 9th, 2009|02:31 pm]
[Current Mood |sleepysleepy]

be creative with your eggs this easter holiday:

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